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When it comes to replacing your home’s windows, there are a lot of really nice options on the market these days. Depending on your personal taste and style you can find a window that will fit you perfectly and improve the overall looks of your home, while providing energy efficiency that will keep your home cool in the summer and warm through the long winter nights. With a plethora of options that are now available for replacement windows it simply takes a little time to shop around and see what really fits for you.


What are the most common options for replacement windows is the traditional double hung window. Double hung windows are in the basic window that most of us have grown up with where there is an upper and lower sash; in some cases both of these may slide up and down, but more often than not the bottom sash slides up so that you can get fresh air. Most often windows that appear to be double hung are actually single hung when they have the upper sash in a fixed position where it does not slide up and down at all.


It should also be noted that most hung windows now feature a built-in sash that allows the owner to easily clean the exterior of the window. Then there is also a casement style window that swings in and out much like a door and is usually operated using a hand crank that’s located inside the window.


The next type of window that is typically used is a sliding window or sliders as they are sometimes referred to.  Sliders are pretty much what they sound like; meaning that the windows slide to the left and right. These are often used when the window opening is much wider than it is tall.


The final type of window that will cover in terms of your auctions right now is the fixed window. A fixed window is a window that stays and one particular position and does not open or slide like a picture window or a large window like the ones you might find in an office building or a tall modern apartment building. Although they do not open or move, these can be pretty expensive to replace.